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In the Philippines, typhoon is a permanent problem which needs a permanent solution.

How to Build the Inexpensive Homes or Shelters

We live in a predictable world like in the Philippines where the natural calamities such as the typhoons, floods, landslides, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions had killed hundreds of lives, destroyed homes, commercial properties, infrastructures than in the previous years. On November 8, 2013, the strongest typhoon recorded in the Philippines' history, Yolanda/Haiyan, caused the deaths to over 6,000 residents mostly in Tacloban City, northeast of Leyte, and many municipalities in southeastern Samar provinces. The physical losses amounted to millions of dollars (U.S.), and the rehabilitation activities and fundraising were still on-going after 3 years and 2 months since the super typhoon hit Central Philippines in 2013. "While nothing can be done to prevent such calamities, there are certain measures that can be taken to minimize the damage."

Underground shelter designed for Armageddon or World War - 3

Please read the links to see the practical designs on "HOW TO BUILD A BOMB SHELTER: THE SURVIVALIST GUIDE TO PROTECTION AGAINST BOMB FALLOUT" when the wars break out in the future! You need also to read the links to see the new concepts that the designers have drawn and built which could prevent and/or reduce the loss of human lives when, not if, the natural disasters occur again unfortunately.

The earthquake, fire, & hurricane resistant shelters

Various models of the inexpensive homes & shelters

Thousands to millions of the Filipinos all over the country are living in bamboo and nipa huts, cottages and other homes made with "cogon" or corrugated galvanized iron sheets for roofing; cement mixed with sand, gravel and iron bars or rods, concrete blocks, bricks and stones for the walls and floors; lumber, plywood and other building materials for the rest of the structure.  Most of the building materials are too expensive to buy from the familiar lumber, hardware, and building construction stores or suppliers. Millions of the Filipinos and other residents could not afford to buy the building materials due to their low standards of living together with over 108 million people in a country composed of over 7,600 islands (including the newly discovered ones).

Underground shelter used during the Vietnam War

The "Barier" is an earthquake-proof home shaped like a soccer ball. It logically turns into a floating rescue boat in the event of another super typhoon, mega flood, earthquakes and/or tsunami. "The 32-sided urethane-walled surface of the house distributes force, and the base acts as a ballast, ensuring that it stays upright if swept away in a tsunami." There are other new designs for other kinds of natural catastrophes.

When you travel to the countryside and observe carefully the skilled Filipinos, you will notice that some of them are indeed successful in lumber making. The owners of the coconut and other trees who planted in their own yards and/or in their extra lands could easily hire the skilled services of the lumberjacks. The lumberjacks and their assistants in Southern Leyte, for example, are licensed to cut down the trees. The tree owners could also file for permission from the Department of Natural Resources or its local agency before the trees are cut down.

The old and very tall coconut trees are cut down and sawed into lumber

The coconut lumbers, if treated with the right chemicals, paints and varnish are very useful in building homes, cottages, other residential and commercial constructions including furniture. They are less expensive than the standard lumber which is made from the mahogany, gmelina and other famous trees suitable for lumber. They take 7 or more years to plant and maintain before they are mature enough to be cut down and sawed into lumber. The coconut lumbers are widely available in hundreds of barrios, towns, and cities in most of the inhabited islands in the country. When the coconut and other trees are too old and/or very tall, they can be so dangerous in times of storms, typhoons, and when the children and adults, animals and motorists pass under or near the old and/or very tall trees. They must be cut down for the safety and security of the people passing through these old and tall trees!

Super-cheap house in India

Hotel in Rome, Italy made of garbage

Houses & shelters made of trash

House made of used bottles, cans and car tires

Salt Cathedral is the most beautiful underground church in the world

When the economic crisis, climate or Earth changes, Great Tribulation, Battle of Armageddon or World War - 3, and other inevitable headline events will, not if, happen severely in the big cities and towns that are growing in hundreds of the islands in the Philippines, the residents particularly in Metro Manila & Metro Cebu have no options left other than to evacuate. They become refugees within their own country. Most of the Filipinos, ex-citizens and other citizens in the Asian neighborhood, and as far as the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, Russian Federation, etc. that have the fall and winter seasons to deal with, will realize that relocating to the safe areas in the Philippines or another tropical country is a matter of survival.

If you have been recently to the bookstores and main public libraries, you will be well informed about the latest developments on the New World Order, shadow governments, the various "front" organizations including the religious and secular ones. The "powers that be" will continue to control, manipulate and dis-inform the individuals, some or most of the "blind" governments and their officials, the military-industrial complexes, educational institutions, even the churches and other organizations. The "powers that be" will continue to intentionally "mismanage" behind the local and global economy. They will continue to manipulate the prices of the bunker, gasoline, diesel, aircraft and other fossil-based fuels and their applications to the various kinds or types of engines, equipment and other transportation vehicles. They will continue to "mismanage" the market and distribution systems for the drinks, foods, health care, other necessities as well as the national and international media, communications, and many other high tech but inter-dependent systems, establishments and industries. They will continue to "mismanage" the other production of goods and services. However, you can afford to build your own home to reduce & eliminate debts in the Philippines!

According to Dr. Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD., former U.S. Navy captain and Apollo XIV astronaut, he said: "The greatest immediate threat to our civilization and way of life is one of our own making. It is the awesome power of modern technologies coupled with consummate greed in amassing wealth and power. Control of the global marketplace and assets represented is relentlessly being concentrated into fewer and fewer hands. The notion of selfless to the greater good of society, and to thereby contribute to the well-being and sustainability of civilization as a whole is losing acceptance..."

For example, in some cities in the U.S.A. including the farming counties, the local authorities prohibit the residents or landowners to operate their own poultry and/or vegetable gardens in their yards.  Thus, to the individuals and families that have the foresight and vision on what is really going on "here, there and everywhere," they need to start moving out of or relocating to the rural areas in provinces, states and countries where there are available agricultural lands.  If they cannot afford the lands, they can lease or apply to be the tenants of the rich landowners, the church and other organizations. They can start being their farmers, gardeners or food producers.  Furthermore, they need to seek other interested individuals and families, and to organize their own cooperative so as to avail of the tax incentives.  There is safety and security in numbers!

More than 600 women make up the population of Noiva do Cordeiro in southeast Brazil.
They are media famous as the extremely beautiful and self-sustainable community.

As a separate farming village farther south of Rio de Janeiro, Noiva do Cordeiro is mostly "maintained by women. Recognized for her way of life, Bride of the Lamb is a different place, where nothing belongs to anyone and everything belongs to everyone. They have succeeded their intentional community composed mostly of over 600 women! They work in the farm, plant, till the soil, harvest, process some of their produce into package products, promote the food festivals, manufacture clothes and related goods, host the visitors, perform live shows ... One of them, known as Keila GaGa a farmer herself and a descendant of the original founder who started the village around 1891, is famous for as the Lady Gaga of Latin America.

The ideal location & features of the "stepping stone" to the Place of Safety

1.  You must watch this video on "The HITCHHIKER's GUIDE TO THE APOCALYPSE - COREY GOODE. He describes the end time prophecies from different religions.
2.  Seek advice from a geologist or scientist at a state college/university or a government agency who is kind enough to assist you to know whether or not your self-sustainable site is safe from the typhoons, floods, landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, famine, pestilence, etc.
3.  Find the highest elevation above the sea level and farthest from the seacoasts. The 2-mile high ice on top of Antarctica is melting
! Without the foresight of the future, numerous government and private officials, the so-called professionals in many countries are building reclamation projects without a vision of the future; reclamation over the sea can cause the sea to rise up. Seek one with an access road, a source of fresh water - creek, spring, river, rainwater to store in a water tank - and electric power lines. Generate your own electricity from the solar cells, wind-driven generators, and free magnetic energy generators.
4.   Relocate to an agricultural barangay or village. Be friendly, cooperate with the residents of the barrio in a small town or city far, far away from the heavily populated cities such as Metro Cebu or Metro Manila. Metro Manila is sinking!
5.  Build your underground shelter near, if available, a natural cave to use it as a backup shelter, and an airport not far away just in case Elohim will provide the "two wings of a great eagle" to your Christian or Messianic community!
6.  Start planting crops, vegetables, fruit trees, spices, etc. and raising livestock and poultry as your top priority projects.
7.  Learn all the skills and techniques on First Aid, food preservation or canning; weaving and tailoring for fabrics and clothes; making soaps, detergents, candles, biodiesel, ethanol fuels, and other useful products for the community.
8.  Plan and build your self-sustainable place of safety to sustain for at least 7 years or more due to the Great Tribulation, World Economic Collapse, Battle of Armageddon (World War 3), Nibiru, Wormwood, polar shift, solar flash, 100-pound hailstones, etc.
9.  Run or stay away far from the usual establishments or systems, Illuminati, secret societies, the Old & New World Order, shadow governments, etc. Join the "exodus" to the rural areas or provinces as soon as possible and organize a Bible-believing, spiritual cooperative or commune.
10.  In a country with 84% Roman Catholics and 10% Protestants out of over 108-million population today, the Filipino Christians should have pursued the biblical self-sustainable community since the Spaniards introduced Christianity 498 years ago.
11.  Borrow money to immigrate, work, study, or open a small business in one of the top 10 safest countries before WW-3 breaks out.
12.  Therefore, prepare for Armageddon (World War 3), the Great Tribulation, Nibiru, Polar Shift, Solar Flash, Wormwood, and other catastrophic events. Establish your self-sustainable community, which is the foretaste of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, Utopia, and do it permanently as your new but biblical lifestyle.

In the so-called #1 Christian country in Asia with 84% Roman Catholics and 10% Protestants out of over 108 million population, millions of the Filipinos need not exist as dislocated evacuees, homeless and city squatters. They can escape not to live below the poverty line by following the original New Testament Church that applied the self-sufficient, self-sustainable lifestyles as described clearly in Acts 2:44-45; 4:32-35. Some of the religious and secular groups around the world are pursuing the self-sufficient, self-sustainable lifestyles.

The unfortunate poor persons in the churches, congregations, assemblies, charismatic movements and other religious organizations need to send "a note to God" asking Him so that the millionaires, billionaires, wealthy and blessed followers of Christ and other religious adherents globally will act on and apply His words.  The financially blessed and religious persons throughout the world should follow the fine examples of Tim Tebow and the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association.  In the Philippines, they have been applying and practicing since the mid-1980s the words as written in the Holy Bible as clearly commanded, not suggested.

Again and again, the over 108 million Filipinos need to review & to learn from the history on natural calamities. The tropical country in the Far East experienced the strongest or super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda which killed over 6000 persons, injured hundreds, forced the evacuation of innumerable residents in Tacloban City, the capital of Leyte province and caused enormous sufferings in many towns, and few other cities in the nearby provinces. The super typhoon destroyed hundreds of the homes, apartments, commercial and industrial buildings, and government infrastructures from the east to west provinces in Central Philippines in November 2013.

Millions to billions of the people have the freedom, liberty and option to build the inexpensive home or shelter. They can also chose to follow the self-sufficient, self-sustainable lifestyles of the original Body of Yahushua or Christ that started on the Day of Pentecost in Jerusalem about 2,000 years ago!

Links to the Inexpensive Homes, Green Houses, Fallout Shelters, Bunkers, etc.:

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Dedicated in lasting memory to our beloved parents, Padilla O. Mercado & Avelina V. Mercado.  Our father
studied at the trade school in Cebu City and served for over 30 years with the Bureau of Public Works.
Retired from the government service, he operated the small commercial and residential construction
enterprise, concrete blocks cottage industry, and small beach resort in Maasin City.

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